Youth Program Manager - Full Time, Salaried

Bend, OR

Friends of the Children Central Oregon seeks to hire individuals who share our values.

This new position will join a team of committed and caring individuals working break generational cycles of poverty through a one-of-a-kind, long term mentoring program.

1. Program Leadership and Support (50%)

A) Provide direct supervision of Friends, including managing performance of Friends on team, including:

·       Completing and conducting annual performance appraisals.

·       Holding Friends accountable for work performance in adequacy of time spent with youth, quality, intentionality, and diversity of activities with youth, and administrative responsibilities.

·       Have continuing performance discussions to provide feedback to Friends and to ensure that goals and objectives are being fulfilled.

·       Manage any required performance improvement activities.

·       Meet with each team member one-on-one regularly to review Roadmaps and Transition Plans; ensure that each Friend has developed a specific area of interest or talent for each youth.

B)     Lead and facilitate effective Team Meetings ensuring focus on youth and Friend successes, setbacks, issues, concerns, and ideas. Create a safe and comfortable team environment so Friends feel supported and open to discuss child and work issues.

C)     Work closely with the Program Director to:

·       Recruit, hire, and train new Friends, including interviewing candidates, attending career fairs, organizing and/or presenting training sessions, and attending educational seminars.

·       Develop appropriate Team trainings.

·       Engage with and ensure caregiver outcomes are achieved.

D)    Support the PD in the child identification and selection process.

E)     Solicit and obtain feedback from parents and caregivers on a monthly basis. Document and maintain all feedback and include in quarterly reports.

F)     Collaborate with other employees to ensure quality, seamless service delivery to youth and families.

G)    Plan, coordinate, and lead parent/caregiver support groups/activities.

2.     Caregiver Assessment and Communications (20%)

A)     Facilitate a needs assessment for caregivers to identify barriers to accessing community resources and to determine what their needs are

B)    Create a system of engaging with caregivers preemptively, communicate with caregivers monthly

C)     Work closely with program staff to design and disseminate enhanced org communications to caregivers

D)   Create different channels of communications to provide regular program updates such as social media, newsletter, etc.

E)     Work with program leadership and staff to design and disseminate caregivers communications materials specific to welcoming and onboarding new families

F)     Work with development team on streamlining and coordinating the family support efforts (matching family needs with people who can fill them)

G)    Create ongoing feedback loop to gather data and feedback from caregivers about their satisfaction with the program. Use data to demonstrate impact and recommend improvement of program.

H)   Maintain efficient, confidential, and organized records; provide timely and appropriate case notes in our Efforts to Outcomes database.

3.     Caregiver Empowerment (10%)

A)     Model organizational core assets and coach caregivers in multiple forms of parenting and communication skills, anger management, and problem solving.

B)     Empower and build skills in parents and caregivers to engage in their youth’s education positively and proactively.

C)     Cultivate an open, creative, and trauma-informed approach with caregivers and families while fostering program engagement.

D)    Mobilize parents and caregivers to implement plans that advance the goals they have for their families.

4.     Partnership Engagement and Network Building (15%)

E)    Through partnership, build caregiver specific programming focusing on economic mobility, housing stability, education advocacy, post-secondary education, social emotional or other areas as identified by caregivers

F)     Map the current community resources available to our families in Crook Deschutes and Jefferson counties.

G)    Work with program leadership, program staff and caregivers to identify a year-long agenda to map out partnership landscape -

H)    Work with Program Director to solidify key partnerships within our current partners that can be expanded to include caregivers, such as secondary and post secondary education partners, health care partners, corporate or employment partners

I)      Work with Program Director and caregivers to identify new partners who can support caregivers in investing in their own growths

J)      Build, design and evaluate a series of caregiver engagement opportunities, with the support of community partners.

K)     Track and evaluate the effectiveness and efforts of our partners, as well as our referral process. Use data to demonstrate impact and improve our efforts.

L)      Organize, attend and follow up from the networking events to ensure relationship building, connections for resources and mutual support.

M)   Build partnerships with the local community college, university and work source programs.

Additional Responsibilities (5%)

·       All Friends of the Children – Central Oregon employees are mandated reporters and are legally required to ensure a report is made when abuse is observed or suspected.

·       Be willing to work flexible hours and non-traditional hours on a regular basis and be on call in crisis situations.

·       Participate in Friends of the Children training to have a baseline of the content, skills, and language used throughout program for participants and staff.

·       Communicate effectively and appropriately in all directions regarding organizational issues, concerns, policies, and procedures. Raise and resolve issues appropriately.

·       Participate in regular conference calls with Program leads in the network, and otherwise communicate with personnel at the National office and other chapters about the program. Research, develop, implement, and sustain best practice programming to serve current and future needs of the organization as required.

·       Utilize program data to help develop, implement, and sustain enrichment activities and program excellence.

·       Be relentlessly committed to ensuring that youth and families reach their long-term outcomes.

·       Communicate regularly and effectively with Leadership about key aspects of the program, including status of families, recommendations for improvement of the program.

·       Develop trusting, supportive relationships with families and guardians of the children we serve.

Essential Skills and Abilities:

·       Strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills; organizational and time management, delegation, and follow-up skills.

·       Proven ability to deliver trauma-informed, culturally responsive services to families and their children.

·       Ability to cultivate and sustain relationships and work effectively with a wide variety of constituencies, including staff, program children, parents, schools, organizational supporters, Board members, and community partners.

·       Ability to represent, effectively and professionally, the organization to a wide variety of audiences.

·       Ability to research, analyze data, design/develop, propose, implement, and sustain programming.

·       Ability to solve problems, work in a team environment, manage several issues concurrently, and meet deadlines in a fast-paced constantly evolving work environment.

·       Strong project management skills. Proven ability to manage multiple deadlines, responsibilities, and competing priorities.

·       Ability to work in diverse work environments, including being able to engage with different backgrounds, cultures, sexes, races, orientations with co-workers and with the populations being serviced.

·       Knowledge of child development and child issues, particularly those most relevant to our program youth.

·       Awareness of community resources and the ability to cultivate and sustain relationships with these resources.

·       Enthusiasm for helping to plan and manage the anticipated growth of Friends of the Children – Central Oregon, and commitment to developing personal skills and knowledge as appropriate to that growth.

Required Education, Experience, and Abilities:

·       A Bachelor’s degree in human service related fields or relevant professional experiences required, including 2-3 years of management experience.

·       Direct experience working with adults. A minimum of 3 years prior experience in creating and carrying out family engagement activities and programs required.

·       Knowledge of and connections to Central Oregon community resources preferred.

·       Proven ability to track, prioritize, and drive multiple concurrent projects to success using strong project management skills and prioritization

·       Demonstrated proficiency and commitment to racial equity and social justice

·       Bilingual written and verbal proficiency in English and Spanish required or are willing to commit to attending Spanish language classes earning and maintaining an intermediate or advance level certificate.

·       Proficient in Microsoft and social media channels required.

·       Valid Oregon driver’s license, ability to pass a driving record check, and personal vehicle insurance.